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Adding Children as a Teacher User

How to add children if you’re a teacher

This article is for Early Years Providers using Arc Pathway, please head to our parents page for information on how to use Arc Pathway as a parent.

Video Walkthrough - Adding Children

Adding Children

  1. Go to the ‘my children’ tab on the teacher dashboard
  1. Click the 'add child' button.
  1. Enter the correct information for the child in the relevant boxes. Ensure you add the child to a class. If your class hasn’t been created, please ask your admin user to create one.
  1. Click ‘save’ to add the child to the system.
  1. You’ll then land on the child’s profile page. This is where you can add parent users for this child.

Editing Children

  1. Go to the ‘my children’ tab on the location/admin dashboard
  1. Click on a child
  1. Click the ‘edit child’ button under the profile picture of child you want to edit.
    1. Notion image
  1. Edit the relevant information.
  1. Click ‘save’ to update the child’s details on the system.

Next Steps

If you are setting up Arc Pathway for the first time, you should now add parents to the created children.

Please note that when adding a parent to the system, once you finish adding in the parent’s details and click ‘create’ the parent will receive a welcome email and link to set their password on their account. We would advise Early Years Settings to ensure the child’s learning journal is ready for the parent to view before setting up their account.
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