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The Teacher Dashboard

An overview of the Arc Pathway teacher dashboard

Upon logging in as a teacher you will see the Teacher Dashboard.

Notion image

From the Dashboard, you are able to:

  1. View your class of children - the My Children tab (see above screenshot)
  1. View your class of children with their top 6 priority learning pathways - My Children’s Priorities tab
  1. Add new children using the ‘Add Child’ button
  1. Search for a child in your class using the search bar
  1. View a summary of the observations carried out for your class of children - My Observations
  1. View other children in your school/early years setting that you have been given access to in the Other Children  tab. To view more children, speak to your manager in your setting for them to grant access to further classes.
  1. View Menu (top left icon) of Dashboard to view Learning ResourcesMy Details (where you can change your password) and Log Out
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