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The Arcs

What is an Arc? What do they mean? Find out here!

The Arc Pathway Framework

Children are wired to learn from birth. They are ‘natural and powerful learners.’ They become formidable learners when teamed with positive relationships and enabling environments. Creating a communication rich environment along with positive emotional and physical factors will have a significant impact on children’s development, enabling and empowering them on their unique learning journeys. Wellbeing must be at the heart of this process.

Arc Pathway illustrates the results of sensitive assessment in colourful arcs that instantly identify a child’s developmental strengths and needs.

How to understand the Arcs - video walkthrough


The Arcs

When you undertake an Arc Pathway assessment, the results are displayed visually in seven easy to understand Arcs. These Arcs clearly illustrate each child's pattern of development. Each Arc is made up of several strands. For example, the Wellbeing Arc is made up of 5 strands: attachment, confidence, self-awareness, social awareness and self regulation. The numerical scale across the top of the Arc represents chronological age. The white bar represents where a child's current chronological age sits.

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