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March 2023

Bulk upload, Care Diary on the App and more!

Updates and New Features - March 2023

We are really excited to share with you some new updates to Arc Pathway. Please see below list. If you are using the Apple/Android app, you will need to make sure you have updated it in the App Store / Play Store to see these latest additions:

  • Care Diary on App - We introduced a Care Diary to Arc in January. We are pleased to announce that the care diary is now available across our iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps. The Care Diary allows you to add Food & Drink, Toileting, Sleep, Medical and General entries to a child’s Care Diary. You can include information on times, quantities, descriptions, photos/videos. You can add the same diary entry to a group of children, i.e. a group of children having the same food at snack time. You can use the calendar to quickly see the child’s Care Diary on a specific date and also share the child’s Care Diary with parents.
  • Bulk import of children - You can now upload children’s information in bulk via Comma Separated Values (.csv) file. The bulk upload wizard allows you to add multiple children at once. To find out more about how to do this, head here
  • Add class to observation You can now add a whole class to an observation
  • Comparison Reports - For early years managers, the specific cohort you are reporting on is now detailed within the key.
  • New Messaging feature from School/Nursery to Parents we will be introducing new Messaging feature which allows schools to communicate to parents either via email or notification. You can send messages to multiple parents or single parents. This feature will be coming to both app and web versions of Arc in the next few weeks.
  • Additional data inputs in ‘add child’ process You can now add additional information on SEND, ethnicity and season born during the ‘add child' process.
  • Save draft observations on the app You can now save observations as drafts and finish them at a later date.
  • Location managers can delete staff, children and classes
  • Dashboard names have changed ‘Admin Dashboard’ and ‘Location Dashboard’
  • More detail to parent notification emails - Additional information provided within the parent notification emails to inform parents what has changed within a child’s profile.
  • Rotate photos when uploading observations
  • If username is changed, an automated email is sent to the affected user
  • Teacher receives notification if a parent adds a special moment - a child’s assigned teacher will receive a notification when a parent adds a special moment from home.
  • Parents can now upload more than one photo (max. 3)

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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