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What if my child has scored low in the arcs on an Arc Pathway profile?

Find out what it means if your child has scored low on a particular Arc

Every child develops at their own unique pace. Some develop more rapidly, others at a slower pace. Neither is ‘wrong’! However, it can cause anxiety for parents when their child hasn’t yet reached an important milestone. This is where Arc Pathway can help you.

First of all, remember that there is always something to celebrate in your child’s development - your child’s arcs will show clearly all their strengths as well as their needs. Wherever there are areas of need (this may be where your child may be 12-18 months below their actual age) Arc Pathway provides the most effective activities to support that need. It is amazing how quickly our children can progress when we provide the right support at the right time! However, for some children, it may be necessary to seek some help in certain areas. Again, do not get anxious and down-hearted about this. Finding support for our children in their areas of need makes a huge difference to their development, particularly when we discover these needs earlier. And of course, you can always contact us here on for further encouragement and support.

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