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Messaging Parents for Admins

Sending messages to Parents using Arc Pathway

Introducing messaging functionality on Arc Pathway! Admins and Teachers can send messages to parents, keeping them informed about important information regarding their child or school. Messages can be easily sent to individual parents or groups, ensuring efficient communication.


Step by Step - Web

  1. To access the messaging feature on the web version of Arc Pathway, go to the 'menu' on the top left of the main dashboard and click 'messaging’
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  1. You will then see all the messages you have sent. If this is your first time sending messages, this section will be blank. You can open the messages you've sent by clicking the plus icon next to the message. You can see the names of the parents who have been sent the message. If they have opened the message within the Arc Pathway app or on the web, the tick next to their name will be coloured blue.
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  1. To send a new message, click the 'send message' button.
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  1. Enter the names of the children whose parents you want to send messages to. You can click on a class name to send messages to all the children in an individual class. Children can be removed from this list by clicking the 'x' next to their name.
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  1. All messages will be sent to the parents web and app inbox but you can also send the messages as an email by clicking the 'send as email' tick box.
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  1. You can also add an attachment. These will be sent with the message and the email if selected.
  1. Then add the content of the message.
  1. Once you are happy, press the ‘send’ button. This action cannot be undone

Step by Step - iOS and Android app

  1. Teachers can also send messages from the Arc Pathway iOS and Android app. To do this tap the envelope icon in the top right hand corner of the app.
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  1. To send a new message, tap the new message button.
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If you need any assistance with our messaging feature please contact us at

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