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How to remind users of their usernames if they have forgotten

How to remind your users of their usernames

To view a user’s username you must be a ‘Organisation Manager (Full Access)’ user. For more information on access levels in Arc Pathway go to this article.

As a manager user, you can check the username of any user in your organisation. If you have forgotten your own username as a manager, you will need to find another manager to remind you of your username.

If you are the only manager in your organisation, then please contact us for a username reminder.

Reminding users of their usernames

  1. To remind users of their username, go to the ‘Teachers/Managers’ tab of the admin dashboard.
    1. Notion image
  1. Click on the ‘edit’ symbol next to the user you want to check.
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  1. Their username will be shown in the first box.
Notion image
Check there isn’t an extra space at the start or end of the username.

I’m not a manager

Please head over to this article for more information if you are not a manager or if you are a parent.

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