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Adding, Editing and Deleting Parents as a Manager User

Adding parents to Arc Pathway

This article is for Early Years Providers using Arc Pathway, please head to our parents page for information on how to use Arc Pathway as a parent.
Managers and Teachers can add parents to Arc Pathway. For more information on access levels in Arc Pathway go to this article

Once you have added children, you can add parents to the child’s profile so they can access that child’s learning journal.

Adding Parents


Step by Step

  1. Go to the 'children' section of the admin or teacher dashboard.
    1. Notion image
  1. Click on the 'profile' symbol of the child you want to assign parents to.
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  1. Click on the 'Parents/Carers' button.
    1. Notion image
  1. Click on the ‘Add a parent/carer’ button.
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  1. Enter the parent’s email in the 'Email' field and then click ‘Begin’.
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  1. You can then add the parents details. A username is required, we recommend using a format of First Name followed by Last Name and followed by the Child's name (for example, JohnSmithTimothy). We also recommend filling in the First and Last name fields. Once you are happy, click the 'create' button. Be aware that as soon as you click 'create', the created parent will get access to that child's learning journal.
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Editing Parents and Sending Reminder Emails

Notion image
Notion image

If at any point you need to edit the parent's username, click the 'Edit' symbol, make your changes, then click 'Save'. Then click the 'Resend Email' symbol to send the parent the new login details.

Expired Welcome Email

Notion image
Notion image

If a parent’s welcome email has expired, you can resend it using the ‘resend email’ button within the parent’s carers section.

Parents of Siblings

There will often be occasions where a parent has multiple children at the same Early Years Setting. Arc Pathway allows parents to be assigned to multiple children.

  1. To do this, add a parent to the first child (’child 1’) using the process described in the ‘step by step’ section above.
  1. To add the second child ('child 2’) follow the step-by-step process described above and you will see the below prompt where you can add the parent already created to this second child.’
Notion image

The parent will then be able to access this child using the same login as you set up previously for ‘child 1’.

Deleting Parents

If you need to delete a parent on an Arc Pathway system you can select the ‘bin’ icon next to the parents name in the parents/carers section

Notion image

You will then be asked to confirm whether you are sure whether you want to remove the guardian from this profile. When you select delete this parent will lose access to the associated child’s learning journal.

Next Steps

If you have added locations, classes, teachers/managers, children and parents, you have finished the setup process!

For an overview to all that Arc Pathway has to offer, please watch our video onboarding.

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